Why Do People Get Tattoos?

Tattoos. They used to be a thing of taboo. Now every second person you look at has one, that is visible. It doesn’t even cover those who are sporting them in places you can’t see unless you’re in the most intimate of settings. They used to be something that only the bad guys sported. The bikers, the gang members, bad mouthed sailors and inmates. Now even that cute girl next store is sporting one.

What makes people get a tattoo?

Like dying or cutting your hair, wearing that specific style of clothes, the reasons are obviously going to be personal to some degree. Why one person got that ink is not going to be the same reason as the next tattooed person you see.

Some people get tattoos to celebrate something in their lives. Some will have tattoos to celebrate their birthday, their marriage or any number of other special occasions. Or they’ll tattoo the name of the one they love, to show the world they are taken.

Others will get a tattoo as a symbol of mourning. They get a tattoo done to remember a lost loved one. They get a name tattooed across their wrist to remind them of that person that they’ll never see again. They’ll get the footprint of their baby who died years too soon.

And then of course, you’ll get those who get tattoos done just to symbolize themselves. Something that happened, something that didn’t happen. They’ll get the ink done just to express themselves. To scream out at the world, this is me. This tattoo is me. This tattoo was done to show the world who I am.

And of course, you’ll find some people simply get tattoos done because there was some sort of trend at that point in time. They’ll quickly jump on the bandwagon and get a tattoo that holds no particular significance to themselves, only to regret it years down the road.

No matter why you decide to get a tattoo, ensuring it holds some sort of significance in your life will make it so that you love it for a long, long time, instead of waking up going where did I get that and why? Tattoos are a very unique and entirely personal experience. Only you and possibly your artist may ever know the true meaning to it, but show your ink proudly and know that it is no longer considered taboo.