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Foot Tattoos – In these times, the designs for tattoos are various and the placement can be anywhere. This is why tattoos are one of the best methods to express distinctiveness. You are the one to decide precisely what the design will be, the tattoo artist that will do it and the place to put it. Consequently, the best design and placement may not always please others who will see it. Do not be disheartened if you cannot decide easily on where to place the ink. However, you can consider having a foot tattoo which is also a very popular type of tattoo.

Foot tattoo information:

Foot tattoos are usually more painful. The skin of the foot is near the bone. The nearness of the skin to the bone is what makes it painful when you place a tattoo on it. However, for the reason that foot tattoos are likely to be smaller, you will not have to suffer the pain compared with larger tattoos.

It is easy to conceal a foot tattoo. This skin art is not usually acknowledged as professional looking. But if you will have a foot tattoo, you can easily hide it if you have a professional job.

However, you must be informed that when you decide to have a foot tattoo, and you are in the recovery period, it will be easier to heal the wound if you will wear open shoes. It will take 2 – 3 weeks for the foot tattoo to completely heal. It is required for the person to wear shoes and 2 pair of thin socks.

People find foot tattoos sexy. Opinions differ on the kind of tattoos seen on other individuals. Even others who do are not fond of tattoos may consider foot tattoos to be sexy.

Foot tattoos often need to be touched up compared with other tattoos placed in other parts of the body. This is because your foot tattoo is experiencing more friction than with any other kind of tattoos. After getting the tattoo, the ink will soon spread out which will make the ink appear blurry.

Since the tattoo is placed on the foot, it will be exposed to sweat and other wet elements. This will help it to fade out in time. The most typical kind of foot tattoos are the following:

* Star designs

* Words

* Flowers

* Butterfly

Although, you can still ask your tattoo artist to put something which is more interesting and unique. As a reminder, when you choose a foot tattoo, it is better to have it in a smaller size. You can still go with the larger ones, however, be ready to endure more pain since the bigger and more complicated the design of your foot tattoo, the more painful and costly the tattoo will get.

Foot Tattoos,
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