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Tattoo – The world is a washed with news of worldwide recession. The instinct of people is to size up their earnings potential, review the expenses they would need to reconsider as valid and focus on just the essentials to make it through the recession. It is no wonder then that purchases of goods and services that are considered luxury items are the first to go. Since a tattoo is not really needed for people to survive, it can be considered a luxury. You would therefore expect that tattoo business will be hit hard. Actually, it is not. Recent reports show that tattoo studios are on an increasing trend, not decreasing as expected.

The question that will come to mind in the light of recent reports that shows tattoo business as actually increasing, is why? According to Kit Harrow, a business psychologist, people are choosing to spend their money on things that gives them more value for their money , which will last for a long period of time. In that sense, paying for tattoo services is actually a good purchase decision for them. Tattoo, in a way is permanent in nature. When you get a tattoo, you are trying to express yourself and so it becomes an integral part of your being and your development as a person. Cutting on something that helps you express who and what you are, the things you live for and believe is not being in touch with one’s self.

Having a tattoo is also a statement of rebellion. In the normal course of things, people who do have tattoos try to conform to society by taking on jobs that requires people to be formal. And so during work time, especially those involved in 9-5 jobs, they appear in their normal corporate attire. Once they are out of the office, and back to their normal clothes their tattoo comes out. Now, they finally have a chance to let out their true selves. So in that moment, cutting out on something that allows you to be you, not conforming to the dictates of society is a bit of fresh air.

Whatever the reason why tattoo business is on the rise despite the recession, let us just be glad that there is growth in this industry while there is none in so many others.

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Why Do People Get Tattoos?

Tattoos. They used to be a thing of taboo. Now every second person you look at has one, that is visible. It doesn’t even cover those who are sporting them in places you can’t see unless you’re in the most intimate of settings. They used to be something that only the bad guys sported. The bikers, the gang members, bad mouthed sailors and inmates. Now even that cute girl next store is sporting one.

What makes people get a tattoo?

Like dying or cutting your hair, wearing that specific style of clothes, the reasons are obviously going to be personal to some degree. Why one person got that ink is not going to be the same reason as the next tattooed person you see.

Some people get tattoos to celebrate something in their lives. Some will have tattoos to celebrate their birthday, their marriage or any number of other special occasions. Or they’ll tattoo the name of the one they love, to show the world they are taken.

Others will get a tattoo as a symbol of mourning. They get a tattoo done to remember a lost loved one. They get a name tattooed across their wrist to remind them of that person that they’ll never see again. They’ll get the footprint of their baby who died years too soon.

And then of course, you’ll get those who get tattoos done just to symbolize themselves. Something that happened, something that didn’t happen. They’ll get the ink done just to express themselves. To scream out at the world, this is me. This tattoo is me. This tattoo was done to show the world who I am.

And of course, you’ll find some people simply get tattoos done because there was some sort of trend at that point in time. They’ll quickly jump on the bandwagon and get a tattoo that holds no particular significance to themselves, only to regret it years down the road.

No matter why you decide to get a tattoo, ensuring it holds some sort of significance in your life will make it so that you love it for a long, long time, instead of waking up going where did I get that and why? Tattoos are a very unique and entirely personal experience. Only you and possibly your artist may ever know the true meaning to it, but show your ink proudly and know that it is no longer considered taboo.

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Best and Worst Tattooing Techniques

Tattooing Techniques, The propensity for getting a tattoo has increased significantly over the years. We all know what tattoos are symbolic and decoratively aesthetic skin markings in the forms of symbols, shapes, signs and letters, which are etched on by infusing tattooing ink and pigments into the subcutaneous layer of the skin. There are various ways of doing this. Here, we will explore the best and worst tattooing techniques ever!

One of the best ways of getting a tattoo is to use a tattooing gun. Tattooing guns are accurate, fast and sharp enough to pierce the skin over and over. There are a lot of different styles of tattooing guns on the market, most of which use extremely sharp needles. Although other tattooing guns without needles also exist, they do not do well with fine lines and intricate designs. Tattoo guns which use single needles are the best, and the needles have to be disposed off after use. Always ensure that you get a new needle before the gun starts hitting your skin; you’re likely to end up with an infection if you do not!

Also, the person wielding the gun must be experienced. If the skin is broken, your tattoo will end up looking horrid. Also, if the needle goes deeper releasing the ink into the third layer of the skin, you’re likely to get an infection from the pigment used. This is why you should always avoid getting jailhouse tattoos!

Color is an important factor in tattoos. For aesthetic appeal, tattoos should blend with your body shape and look balanced in its hues, e.g. black with white. A tattoo that follows the shape of your body has massive appeal compared to one that doesn’t. Always go with a tattoo artist who is naturally talented as well as one who has had a lot of experience in this field!

Technically, tattoos as a type of body art involve implantation of micro pigments, which is said to be a form of body modification. Tattoos have been around for hundreds of years, although in those times, symbolic value overshadowed aesthetic appeal. In the past, tattooists never used different needles on people, which is why the risk of infection was great. Even today, if proper sanitary measures and precautions are not taken, getting a tattoo can lead to infections and even death.

Electronic tattoo guns are the newest tattooing technique on the market. Using these machines, many needles attached to a bar pierce the skin, releasing the ink into it. This is an ultra-fast process requiring a lot of accuracy, since the needles penetrate the skin at the rate of hundred thousand times per minute! The results of this procedure are beautiful, if the gun is handled carefully by a skilled tattoo artist!

Hence, always go for the expert tattoo artists, as they have the knowledge and skills to get you your dream tattoo! After all, your tattoo is going to be on you for as long as you live, so do not take any chances; go for the best!

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Risks of Getting a Tattoo

Getting a Tattoo, One may not even realize there are high risks in getting tattoos, mainly because hundreds and thousands of people can walk through life with tattoos all over their body and never have a problem. However, there are quite a few people out there that have had some sort of reaction or worse contracted number of serious blood-borne diseases, which includes hepatitis C, hepatitis B, tetanus, tuberculosis and HIV. Getting a tattoo is serous business and you shouldn’t let just anyone tattoo you. Make sure the establishment is clean and that there is an autoclave around. Also it extremely important to see with your own eyes the tattoo artist open a fresh new needle in front of as well as providing fresh ink.

As mentioned above there are risks involved in getting tattoos. Some are more serious than other. If you do not take care of your tattoo properly than you can very easily develop an infection. Signs of an infection are redness, warmth, swelling and a pus-like drainage. If this should occur you should seek the help of a doctor immediately. You can also contract various skin disorders. Your body may form some kind of bumps around tattoo ink, especially if your tattoo includes red ink. Tattooing can also cause areas of raised, excessive scarring (keloids), if you’re prone to them. There is also the possibility of an allergic reaction to the tattoo ink. For some unknown reason tattoo dyes, particularly red dye, can cause allergic skin reactions, resulting in an itchy rash at the tattoo site. It is possible for this to occur even years after you gotten the tattoo.

The important thing to remember when getting tattooed it to remain informed of all the possible problems and make sure your tattoo artist is licensed and has a clean establishment.

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Do Tattoos Hurt? Tips on How to Cope With Tattoo Pain

This is the question that has always been asked, over and over again – do tattoos hurt? The answer is a resounding “Yes, it hurts.” Tattoo artists inject ink into a person’s skin using an electrically powered tattoo machine with a solid needle moving up and down that puncture the skin between 50 and 3,000 times per minute.

Tattoo pain depends on several factors like the person’s own threshold to pain, the body parts that will be tattooed, the skill of the artist and the type of tat design that will be inked. Every individual’s threshold to pain differs, some compare it to sunburn, others say its like being repeatedly snap by a rubber band while some describes the pain as excruciating. Another key to rate the pain is the more fleshy the body area is the less painful, meaning the bony parts hurt more. There are also skilled tattoo artist who have a way of minimizing the pain by how they use the machines. And of course, the bigger the design is, the more pain you will have to undergo.

To minimize the pain during the process, you should go there with a positive attitude and mind over matter. Instead of fear and anxiety, try to relax yourself by listening to music so bring an ipod with you. Also, work with a tattoo artist that you are comfortable with. If you can’t take the pain during the tattooing, inform him so you can take a break. Never take alcohol and illegal drugs on your appointment date since these thin the blood leading to increase amount of bleeding.

Tattoos definitely hurt, no doubt about that. However, if you really want it done, pain should never be an issue as its nothing you can’t bear. The fact that you will be rewarded with an amazing tattoo that you will be proud of should be enough motivation for you to go through the tattooing process.

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