Do Tattoos Hurt? Tips on How to Cope With Tattoo Pain

This is the question that has always been asked, over and over again – do tattoos hurt? The answer is a resounding “Yes, it hurts.” Tattoo artists inject ink into a person’s skin using an electrically powered tattoo machine with a solid needle moving up and down that puncture the skin between 50 and 3,000 times per minute.

Tattoo pain depends on several factors like the person’s own threshold to pain, the body parts that will be tattooed, the skill of the artist and the type of tat design that will be inked. Every individual’s threshold to pain differs, some compare it to sunburn, others say its like being repeatedly snap by a rubber band while some describes the pain as excruciating. Another key to rate the pain is the more fleshy the body area is the less painful, meaning the bony parts hurt more. There are also skilled tattoo artist who have a way of minimizing the pain by how they use the machines. And of course, the bigger the design is, the more pain you will have to undergo.

To minimize the pain during the process, you should go there with a positive attitude and mind over matter. Instead of fear and anxiety, try to relax yourself by listening to music so bring an ipod with you. Also, work with a tattoo artist that you are comfortable with. If you can’t take the pain during the tattooing, inform him so you can take a break. Never take alcohol and illegal drugs on your appointment date since these thin the blood leading to increase amount of bleeding.

Tattoos definitely hurt, no doubt about that. However, if you really want it done, pain should never be an issue as its nothing you can’t bear. The fact that you will be rewarded with an amazing tattoo that you will be proud of should be enough motivation for you to go through the tattooing process.

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