Looking For an Arm Tattoo?

Arm Tattoo, In days gone by tattoos were commonly seen on older men. Very rarely would you see a woman or college student sporting new ink; however, as they say these times are a changing. Today you are just as likely to see a young woman coming out of the tattoo parlor as a biker dude. Tattoos are an artistic expression by the person giving the tattoo and often have a sentimental meaning for the wearer. Whatever your reasons for thinking about getting arm tattoos there are a few things you may want to consider before rushing into the parlor.


The first thing you need to remember about tattoos is the fact that they are permanent. Unless you have, the money to undergo expensive tattoo removal procedures whatever you put on your skin is going to be there forever! This means you may want to take a few minutes or more to decide upon the design you want.


If you have the type of personality that loves all things cute, you could choose from a wide variety of butterflies, colorful fairies, flowers and or vines. These types of arm tattoos can be small and wispy or large bold creations that capture people’s attention, the choice is yours but just be sure you can live with it or cover it up with sleeves if your job calls for it.


Some people prefer to make a statement with everything they do; arm tattoos for this kind of personality may start at the wrist and extend to the shoulder. Many times with large encompassing arm, tattoos like this there will be a scene or story enacted from one end to the other. Fighting dragons, castle scenes with fairies, wolves and moats are all common full arm tattoos.

Search for More

The above-mentioned arm tattoos are just a few of the millions of designs you could choose from and there are several ways you can go about discovering the perfect one for you. The first of course is to search the internet. You could literally spend days sifting through the tattoo ideas on the internet. Artists and enthusiast alike have sites dedicated to their favorite tats.

Another interesting way to find out more about arm tattoos is to pick up a tattoo magazine. As with any other interest there are several magazines completely dedicated to the art of tattoos. Inside you can find helpful information about tattoo care, ink, designs and professional tattoo artists.

Friends with arm tattoos can be a gold mine of information too, talk to them about how they chose their design and colors as well as the pros and cons of the procedure. You can often times avoid a bad parlor by simply asking around. There is a reason word of mouth advertising is considered the best!


Arm tattoos can be fun, flirty, serious, bold or sentimental it is all up to you. There are many ways to find out more about these types of tattoos. Try one of the many tips above or simply visit a parlor and talk to the artists, they can give you loads of ideas and information. If you are a decent artist, you might even decide to design your own special tattoo, just be sure to let your artist know if you care to share the tat with others before you begin. Some people prefer their arm tattoos to be totally unique and you can insist that they do not use your design for anyone else.

Arm Tattoo,
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