Looking For an Arm Tattoo?

Arm Tattoo, In days gone by tattoos were commonly seen on older men. Very rarely would you see a woman or college student sporting new ink; however, as they say these times are a changing. Today you are just as likely to see a young woman coming out of the tattoo parlor as a biker dude. Tattoos are an artistic expression by the person giving the tattoo and often have a sentimental meaning for the wearer. Whatever your reasons for thinking about getting arm tattoos there are a few things you may want to consider before rushing into the parlor.


The first thing you need to remember about tattoos is the fact that they are permanent. Unless you have, the money to undergo expensive tattoo removal procedures whatever you put on your skin is going to be there forever! This means you may want to take a few minutes or more to decide upon the design you want.


If you have the type of personality that loves all things cute, you could choose from a wide variety of butterflies, colorful fairies, flowers and or vines. These types of arm tattoos can be small and wispy or large bold creations that capture people’s attention, the choice is yours but just be sure you can live with it or cover it up with sleeves if your job calls for it.


Some people prefer to make a statement with everything they do; arm tattoos for this kind of personality may start at the wrist and extend to the shoulder. Many times with large encompassing arm, tattoos like this there will be a scene or story enacted from one end to the other. Fighting dragons, castle scenes with fairies, wolves and moats are all common full arm tattoos.

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The above-mentioned arm tattoos are just a few of the millions of designs you could choose from and there are several ways you can go about discovering the perfect one for you. The first of course is to search the internet. You could literally spend days sifting through the tattoo ideas on the internet. Artists and enthusiast alike have sites dedicated to their favorite tats.

Another interesting way to find out more about arm tattoos is to pick up a tattoo magazine. As with any other interest there are several magazines completely dedicated to the art of tattoos. Inside you can find helpful information about tattoo care, ink, designs and professional tattoo artists.

Friends with arm tattoos can be a gold mine of information too, talk to them about how they chose their design and colors as well as the pros and cons of the procedure. You can often times avoid a bad parlor by simply asking around. There is a reason word of mouth advertising is considered the best!


Arm tattoos can be fun, flirty, serious, bold or sentimental it is all up to you. There are many ways to find out more about these types of tattoos. Try one of the many tips above or simply visit a parlor and talk to the artists, they can give you loads of ideas and information. If you are a decent artist, you might even decide to design your own special tattoo, just be sure to let your artist know if you care to share the tat with others before you begin. Some people prefer their arm tattoos to be totally unique and you can insist that they do not use your design for anyone else.

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Foot Tattoos – Attractions

Foot Tattoos – In these times, the designs for tattoos are various and the placement can be anywhere. This is why tattoos are one of the best methods to express distinctiveness. You are the one to decide precisely what the design will be, the tattoo artist that will do it and the place to put it. Consequently, the best design and placement may not always please others who will see it. Do not be disheartened if you cannot decide easily on where to place the ink. However, you can consider having a foot tattoo which is also a very popular type of tattoo.

Foot tattoo information:

Foot tattoos are usually more painful. The skin of the foot is near the bone. The nearness of the skin to the bone is what makes it painful when you place a tattoo on it. However, for the reason that foot tattoos are likely to be smaller, you will not have to suffer the pain compared with larger tattoos.

It is easy to conceal a foot tattoo. This skin art is not usually acknowledged as professional looking. But if you will have a foot tattoo, you can easily hide it if you have a professional job.

However, you must be informed that when you decide to have a foot tattoo, and you are in the recovery period, it will be easier to heal the wound if you will wear open shoes. It will take 2 – 3 weeks for the foot tattoo to completely heal. It is required for the person to wear shoes and 2 pair of thin socks.

People find foot tattoos sexy. Opinions differ on the kind of tattoos seen on other individuals. Even others who do are not fond of tattoos may consider foot tattoos to be sexy.

Foot tattoos often need to be touched up compared with other tattoos placed in other parts of the body. This is because your foot tattoo is experiencing more friction than with any other kind of tattoos. After getting the tattoo, the ink will soon spread out which will make the ink appear blurry.

Since the tattoo is placed on the foot, it will be exposed to sweat and other wet elements. This will help it to fade out in time. The most typical kind of foot tattoos are the following:

* Star designs

* Words

* Flowers

* Butterfly

Although, you can still ask your tattoo artist to put something which is more interesting and unique. As a reminder, when you choose a foot tattoo, it is better to have it in a smaller size. You can still go with the larger ones, however, be ready to endure more pain since the bigger and more complicated the design of your foot tattoo, the more painful and costly the tattoo will get.

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Aquarius Tattoo Information

Aquarius Tattoo Information, Aquarius is one of the twelve zodiac signs. It is a water sign. It is ruled by the planet Uranus.The glyph for Aquarius appears like two parallel and horizontally jagged lines.

If you are considering getting a tattoo done and if you are born from January 20 to Feb 18, you are very lucky as your zodiac sign can be shown in so many different original ways. It’s all about your innovative ideas and the creativity of the tattoo artist.

Every zodiac sign is associated with flora. Aquarians are really lucky in this case. They have many kinds of flowers and plants to choose from. Females mostly go for orchids and bird of paradise. Dandelion is a good option too. The beautiful colours can be used and the shapes are fantastic.

One of the most significant trait of Aquarians is that they are very imaginative. They are known dreamers, who know how to fulfill their dreams. An good tattoo artist picks up this characteristic and beautifully forms it in the shape of a tattoo. It can be an image showing a certain goal, ambition or hope yet to be fulfilled, a destination yet to be traveled etc.

Some of the other characteristics of people with aquarian sun-sign are that they are wise, refined, artistic, intuitive, independent, friendly, caring, loving, humanitarian, progressive, creative, tolerant, optimistic, work towards their goal, hard working etc. All these characteristics can be used by the tattoo artist, in one way or the other to get a unique tattoo for you.

All you need to do is to go to the best tattoo parlour in the city. Do a bit of research before finalizing things. After all, the tattoo is going to be with you forever. Some people make this mistake of not going for the best design and they repent their decision later in their life. This should not be done.

To simplify your tattoo-finding process, SourceTattoo has a fine catalog of Aquarius Tattoo [http://sourcetattoo.com/2008/11/aquarius-tattoo/] for you to choose from. Visit us [http://sourcetattoo.com/links/choppertattoo] and get a special design for yourself!

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Small Lower Back Tattoos

Lower Back Tattoos, Are you serious about getting a tattoo on your lower back? If so, then we personally believe that it would look really good. However, before you walk up into that tattoo parlor and tell Mr. Ink to give you some art on your lower back, you will need to know what you want. Take note that these tattoos come in many different varieties, designs and colors. However, we highly recommend you looking into some small lower back tattoos.

Having art on the lower back seems to be something that has evolved throughout the years. Many individuals today are starting to get a tattoo on their back. Your skin is a big canvas and is the perfect spot for an artist. You may think that the lower area of your body is a daring spot to get this done, but it is considered as normal. Personally, we believe it is a convenient location.

Being that it is small, you will be able to easily conceal it under the shirt you are wearing. No one is going to know you have this done unless you tell them.

This is one of the reasons as to why people choose this region. However, when you are in those social scenes, you will be able to make it visible by wearing clothing that shows it off. During work, you will be able to hide it and during your party nights, you will be able to show it.

Taking a glimpse of the lower area that has a small, cute design is always fun. However, you should take note that they do not look good on everyone. For those ones who are innocent, it may not look so well on you. As you are choosing out the design, you should make sure you find something that has some meaning to you. There are many people out there that choose a tattoo only to find years later that they do not like it and want to get rid of it.

Getting rid of this type of ink from your body can be hard to do. In fact, it is going to cost quite a bit of money to do. This is why we highly stress you making sure it is something you really like.

Sure, you are married to Austin right now, but are you going to be married to him years from now? One of the biggest mistakes is to get someone’s name practically carved into your skin. Instead of a name, why don’t you opt for a neat design? Surely, there is a design out there that you will enjoy.

Amongst those neat designs, you will come across hearts, small devils, angels, iguanas, dolphins, raccoons, pit bulls, giraffes and much more. Many people opt to get tribal tattoos on their lower back, because this adds even more mystery to it. Take note that you can have two small lower back tattoos if you want. For instance, you can have an angel on one side and a devil on the other side…now, isn’t that cute?

Karmen Bella is a tattoo enthusiast. Read more about small lower back tattoos [http://tattooed-up.com/lower-back-tattoo-designs/small-lower-back-tattoos/] at her website here. Karmen’s FREE newsletter is jam packed with tattoo information you can use and FREE tattoo designs. Subscribe today!

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Tribal Butterfly Tattoos Information

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos are the unique blend of tribal markings with a butterfly. Tribal tattoos can be dated back nearly 5000 years, archaeologists discovered a bronze age man preserved perfectly in a glacier, he had over 50 markings on his skin. The tribal tattoos of modern day were heavily influenced by the Maori tribes. The indigenous people of New Zealand and its surrounding islands believed the tribal markings would give them inner strength, the tattoos also represented their unique story, each marking was unique to its carrier. Traditionally a macho representation tribal markings have been adapted with the use of feminine objects such as flowers, stars and butterfly’s.

The butterfly is also a key part of many ancient civilisations, its magnificent colours, beautiful patterns and grace in flight has always fascinated man. Some ancient cultures believed the winged creature to carry souls, the butterfly would hide itself into a woman’s food. Once ingested it would pass its soul onto an unborn infant, and live again through a human form.

What defines Tribal Butterfly Tattoos?

The combination of a butterfly design with intricate tribal markings, traditionally in black is striking on skin. In most instances a butterfly is represented in perfect symmetry to the human form across the small of the back is a popular choice. Tribal decals can then be inscribed around the wings and body of the butterfly extending upon its image. Many people choose to have multiple butterflies interlinked with tribal markings to form an image of flight.

Why Tribal Butterfly Tattoos?

Tribal Butterfly Tattoos are a popular choice amongst women due to the feminine enhancement the tattoo gives. The butterfly started life as a grub, the lowliest creature on the planet. After foraging on dirt and surviving through hardship it evolves into a beautiful creature. Many people use this evolution as a metaphor to represent part of a journey through their life. Whether this is falling in love, graduating from college or coping with the death of a loved one, Tribal Butterfly Tattoos can be used to represent the challenge that has been overcome. A permanent mark is carried to remind the wearer of the freedom and beauty they have found in their life as it was not always the case.

How do you get Tribal Butterfly Tattoos?

Tattoo artists spend years perfecting their trait, many draw their own designs but the majority will be able to replicate anything perfectly that they are presented with. Each parlour may only have a few designs which are suitable, so many people are turning towards online catalogues which offer a much wider and diverse selection of design. Large amounts of research is crucial in choosing design, its a permanent mark. Many people do not consider the repercussions if they want to remove the design, it can be expensive, painful and leave scar tissue. Most tattoo artists will ensure their subject is 100% comfortable with the presented design before even starting. A useful tip is also to start small in a concealed area, should a change of heart occur after the process it will have minimal effect due to its visibility.

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